Hitting the Tour De France Le Tour Yorkshire Cycle Route

So you enjoyed the olympics and have been inspired by not one but now two British Tour De France winners. Next year Le Tour arrives in Yorkshire and we are in the prime position for you to cycle this two day route taking in parts of the Le Tour Yorkshire course. 


TORTUROUS climbs, exhilarating descents, spectacular views, jelly legs and aching bones - I experienced it all during my two day adventure in the saddle.
— Ashley Barnard

Like so many I wanted to dust off my bicycle and get going straight after the olympics. Swept up in the olympic spirit, lack of practise and fitness were not going to be a barrier. And with surrounded by so much beautiful North Yorkshire countryside I felt as though I would be exercising in God's very own gymnasium I was convinced that it wouldn't even feel like work, well at least until that first climb. 

The Yorkshire leg of the le tour is somewhat daunting to those of us who like a tootle about but wouldn't even stretch to calling ourselves an amateur cyclist. Luckily those helpful folks at The Northern Echo recently published this article detailing a route that takes in most of the day one route avoiding city traffic and providing a challenging yet enjoyable ride through many of the beauty spots that Wiggins Vroom et al will be passing through in 2014.

The route can be easily cut up and tinkered with depending on your ambition, experience and of course where you are planning to stay and whilst on that subject it would be rude of me not to make a suggestion: 

Our very own High Grange Self Catering Holiday Cottages are proud to be cycle friendly accommodation offering secure overnight storage for cycles, workspace for any tinkering, hot showers and plenty of places for drying off clothes that have had Britain drip on them.  A short walk down the road you will find a friendly local pub with open fireplace, comfy couches and a kitchen serving hot hearty portions that is regularly frequented by cyclists. Staying in Self catering holiday cottage accommodation gives you the freedom that you just can't get in a bed and breakfast or hotel. 

If you are new to cycling and taken by a sudden urge whilst staying at the cottages or you don't have the ability to transport your bikes to the cottages then we have a number of well maintained road bikes that you a welcome to borrow in return for a small donation for their up keep. Just give us a call and we will make sure that the bikes are all ready for you. If you have any questions about our facilities for cyclists or any other aspect of your stay then please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Northern Echo's route can be viewed below: 

Source: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/1067...