Mother Shipton's Cave One of North Yorkshire's Stranger Attractions....

On the 1st of February Mother Shipton's cave opens for 2015. It is certainly one of North Yorkshire's stranger attractions but is definitely one that is worth seeing. 

Mother Shipton Cave Things to Do

Mother Shipton's Cave is at Knaresborough, North Yorkshire by the  River Nidd which is a 25 minute hop down the motorway from High Grange Holiday Cottages Cottages.

Mother Shipton’s cave is said to have been the birth place of legendary soothsayer and prophetess Mother Shipton (c. 1488 - 1561), born Ursula Southeil, wife of Toby Shipton. But for me it is the petrifying well that is the show stopper.

The well is strangely unsettling, made all the more so by the items that have been hung around it to petrify. Shoes, hats and most creepily children’s toys take on an eerie quality as the process takes hold.

Equally fascinating for those with an interest in geography or geology the petrifying well is the only one of its kind in England and is England’s oldest entrance charging tourist attraction having opened in 1630.

You can find out more about Mother Shipton’s cave and the petrifying well by visiting the Mother Shipton’s Cave Website.

Mother Shipton’s cave is one of hundreds of Yorkshire tourist attractions within easy driving range of High Grange Holiday Cottages.